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Welcome to our blog.

We are a bunch of corporate guys and girls who spend our days working in a lawyers office dealing with the dull world of corporate litigation.

However, after dark we become involved in the murky and dark world of money and personal finance. Part of that role involves us helping people who have been silly enough to borrow money they cannot afford to pay back. We do try and offer free help to anyone who has found themselves in a mess and cannot afford to pay their bills. While we may use our legal skills we do not claim to be professionals, only caring people.

We started this blog to focus on the money and finance issues people often face. We are passionate about what we do and do express our feelings and views openly – sometimes too openly.

There are a couple of things that we really dislike. The biggest one is the Rip Off Payday Loans companies in the UK. Not the good pay day loan companies, but the bad ones who force customers into multiple rollover and extensions. The short term loans industry is changing and thankfully the bully boys and cowboys are being forced out of charging outrageous fees.